Earth Stations | Davide Angeli of Michele De Lucchi AMDL CIRCLE at MDFF Greece—Athens 2020 | First Edition

During the first edition of MDFF Greece—Athens 2020, Davide Angeli, Design Coordinator at Michele De Lucchi’s AMDL CIRCLE, will present: EARTH STATIONS with a virtual guest appearance of Michele de Lucchi.

Earth Stations
In a world of constant change, architecture provides temporary structures from which to set off for future destinations. Earth Stations are a new typology of buildings conceived to foster productive human relationships. Earth Stations are monuments to mankind and for mankind that make use of humanistic and technological knowledge to improve living conditions in a context of responsibility for the natural and the social world. They are not space stations from which to launch missions to the Moon, Mars or Jupiter. Once brought under control, digital technology and artificial intelligence will take away so much bureaucratic and repetitive work and provide us with more free time to dedicate to human relations and care for the body, mind and creativity of the individual.

In the Earth Stations, many different functions are concentrated in one place, promoting sustainability and quality in personal and public relations. The symbolic appeal of their external appearance and the monumentality of the internal spaces are necessary paradigms in order for the Earth Stations to be admired and experienced, able to attract and arouse pride and wonder.

AMDL CIRCLE is an architecture and design studio, which chose the “circle” as a symbol to celebrate the design heritage of Michele De Lucchi and to involve a new generation of talents. Michele De Lucchi is part of AMDL CIRCLE. AMDL CIRCLE, like number 0, cannot be divided.

AMDL CIRCLE is: Michele De Lucchi, Simona Agabio, Davide Angeli, Margherita Baetta, Giulia Barcaro, Nicholas Bewick, Alberto Bianchi, Sara Casartelli, Maria Chiara Castellani, Federica Cevasco, Cinzia Conti, Arturo De Lucchi, Pico De Lucchi, Matteo Del Marco, Monica Del Torchio, Matteo Di Ciommo, Silvia Figini, Fracesco Forcella, Alessandro Ghiringhelli, Leonie Kutschale, Giovanna Latis, Angelo Micheli, Roberto Monti, Cristina Moro, Emilio Mossa, Elena Naldi, Alberto Nason, Giacomo Nava, Filippo Nicolini, Giulia Pastore, Paola Pedretti, Banafsheh Razavi, Vittorio Romano, Greta Rossett, Anna Schiaretti, Guido Tarantola, Anna Telesca, Michele Vanetti.

Michele De Lucchi
Architect Michele De Lucchi was a prominent figure in movements like Alchimia and Memphis. He has designed furniture for the most known Italian and European companies. He was Director of Design for Olivetti from 1988 to 2002. He realized architectural projects in Italy and abroad, including cultural, corporate, industrial and residential buildings. Ηe has designed the working environments and the corporate image of many Italian and foreign banks, among which: Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Bundesbahn, Enel, Poste Italiane, Hera, Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit. He developed important hospitality projects in Tbilisi (Georgia), Beijing (China), Rokkō-san (Japan) and various parts of Italy. He designed buildings for museums, such as the Triennale di Milano, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome, the Neues Museum in Berlin and the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan. In 2000, he was appointed Officer of the Italian Republic by the then President Carlo Ciampi. In 2001, he was nominated Professor at the IUAV in Venice. In 2006, he received the Honorary Doctorate from Kingston University. In 2008, he was nominated Professor at the Design Faculty of the Polytechnic of Milan and Member of the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca in Rome. During 2018, Michele De Lucchi was editor-in -chief of the new “Domus” magazine. Michele De Lucchi is the founder and member of AMDL CIRCLE, a multidisciplinary group of thinkers and innovators. Since 2018, AMDL CIRCLE has focused on Earth Stations, future sharing architectures that combine technological development with humanist principles.

Davide Angeli
Davide Angeli graduated from IED in Milan, He began his career in 2004 alongside Michele De Lucchi, collaborating with his research and sculpture works. He then joined Michele De Lucchi’s AMDL CIRCLE, where today he is Design Coordinator, leading the multidisciplinary teams of interior design, product design, and graphic design. He designed interiors and installations for Poltrona Frau, Moschino, Kempinski, Artemide, Ferrari, Fiat, Azimut Yachts, Lavazza, etc. He also designed products for Molteni, Guzzini, Produzione Privata, Unifor, Riva, Maruni, Enel, etc. In addition, he designed museum exhibitions for Triennale Milano, Scuderie del Quirinale, Reggia di Venaria, Cini Foundation, and Caixaforum. Finally, he designed graphics and brand image for Intesa Sanpaolo, Banca Popolare Italiana, Zambon, etc. Davide is the winner of the “Top Young Italian Industrial Designer Award” promoted by the Italian Cultural Institute of New York. In parallel with his work at AMDL CIRCLE, he is occupied with personal research work, self-productions, and consulting. Since 2008, he has been teaching Furniture Design at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. In 2019, he co-founded Irving Place, an interior design manufacturer firm.