Annie Markitanis

Annie Markitanis was born in Cyprus. At the age of seventeen, she left her homeland to embark on an educational and self-growth journey that took her for some years to California, USA, and afterwards to London. Having gained the educational, professional and artistic experience she wanted, she moved to Milan in 2011, where she has been living and working ever since. In this northern Italian city, defined by an assertive temperament and which knows how to change and adapt while respecting its nature and identity, she has discovered the essence of daily balance and stability.
Markitanis studied Fine Arts, Fashion and Visual Arts and Eating Disorders Coaching. She has been employed in various fields: Project Coordinator and Content Manager at the creative sector of various digital technology companies, dealing mainly with issues related to photography, cinema, set design etc. In addition, she worked as the Managing Editor of independent magazines, as well as a Certified Eating Disorder Coach, helping individuals reach their treatment goals in real-life situations, providing support, appropriate challenges, and serving as both a role model and a guide.
In 2017, she joined the Milano Design Film Festival and a year later became the key partner of the MDFF World Tour for Greece & Cyprus. Currently, she is mainly involved in the production, organization and direction of the Milano Design Film Festival Greece Athens: Through this invitation and, at the same time, this challenge, Markitanis is invited to coordinate in the best way possible this innovative festival and reinforce the event’s future-driven commitment to decode our contemporaneousness and promote social progress through a constructive cultural exchange between the two countries.