What do we mean with “home”? | Simone Ciarmoli, Miguel Queda, Tatiana Kouppa, Antigone Kotanides at MDFF Greece—Athens 2020 I First Edition

Designers Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda from Ciarmoli Queda Studio, Architect Tatiana Kouppa of Delta Architects, and Antigone Kotanides, project manager of Curing the Limbo (Urban Innovative Actions Initiative) discuss the concept of home and the forms, shapes, and meanings it can take in our contemporary societies that face the challenges of climate change, globalisation and migration. How to turn a floating vessel into a home, integrating Art, Design and historical references, while keeping in mind its purpose of constant movement and non-settlement? How will the stories of human outer-earth settlements be told in the future? What is the distance between our definitions of shelter and home, and what tools do we need to bridge that distance? 

Ciarmoli Queda Studio
Interior Design
For Simone Ciarmoli and Miguel Queda, the founders of Ciarmoli Queda Studio, design is not just a profession. For both men, it has long been a way of looking at the world. Their work blends formal and functional elegance with a sensual approach to color and texture, and a genuine belief in the importance of craftsmanship. Given these concerns for both quality and delight, it may be no coincidence that both Ciarmoli and Queda worked with some of the world’s top fashion companies. But it is also significant that these experiences ultimately led them to a career in design. In 2009, Queda and Ciarmoli began to work together; their first commission was for the interiors of a yacht, an area in which they have since gained considerable renown. Their years in the fashion world afforded them a natural transition to design, particularly in what Queda calls “the pursuit of quality and detail,” whether in a room, a piece of furniture, or an exhibition.

Tatiana Kouppa / Delta Architects
Tatiana Kouppa Architect, born in Cyprus, graduated from the Aristotle University of Salonica. Experienced in many large scale  projects ,among her projects are a Mall in Craiova-Roumania, Golden Hall in Athens, International Broadcast Center for the Olympics of 2004, Megaron Music Hall e.t.c .
A project architect and interior designer with over 26 years extensive experience  in  designing, developing and delivering large-scale projects such as  hotel resorts,  shopping malls, special purpose buildings and master plans for development projects.  

Based in Athens, Delta Architects founded by Tatiana Kouppa and Nikos Papapanousis undertake projects in Greece and abroad. Recent projects include the renovation and architectural design of a number of large scale 5-star luxury hotel resorts, the design of luxury residences in the Region and a multitude of architectural studies and implementations for up-scale bars restaurants in Athens. Starting from the concept and the master-plan down to the detailed design and the Interior design to the final delivery of the project, Delta Architects collaborated the last 10 years with one of the largest hotel chains in Greece (H Hotels Collection – Hatzilazarou Group) as well as with other well known hotels and large Groups in F&B industry.

Antigone Kotanidis
Antigone Kotanidis is Project Manager of “Curing the Limbo”, an EU funded pilot integration programme for refugees in Athens. She has previously worked as Advisor to the Mayor of Athens on Migration Policy, where her responsibilities included designing and implementing the city’s comprehensive action plan for refugee issues. Antigone has wide-ranging public policy experience, having also served as Advisor to the Minister of Culture and Tourism and to the Mayor of Thessaloniki.