Studiopepe. | Live Chat Series | Episode 3

The 3rd Instagram Live Chat Series ( part of our initiative New Forms Of Presence presented by MDFF Greece—Athens’s (Nov 6–8) guest Daniel Gava, Brand Strategy Advisor to the architecture and design industry. The live chats aim to explore the “seasons within the creative community,” by zooming into each guest, as well as zoom out looking at the knowledge, observations, inspirations and challenges within the realm that each one represents.⁣
This episode is titled”Restart” and it deals with the notion of restart after a phase of interruption and disruption. How does one restart? What happens  when the green light has been given? What are the realizations accompanying a restarting phase for Design and Architecture? How can one reconnect and re-approach a project ideated before the pandemic, in order to continue, evolve and relaunch it post the pandemic? ⁣The considerations, approaches, attitude and challenges when embarking upon this new normality. ⁣

A conversation with Studiopepe.
⁣The first guest is Studiopepe. to discuss their experience and definition of this “restarting” phase. A return to the “new normality” with a new attitude. A new form of consciousness and new forms of reconnection within the creative tribe. An evolutionary phase of past and new ideas, projects, and synergies. ⁣


Studiopepe. is a design and architecture agency founded in Milan in 2006, by Arianna Lelli Mami and Chiara Di Pinto
⁣Studiopepe’s focus is on research through the use of a multidisciplinary approach: this includes interior design, product design, and creative consultancy.⁣
⁣The language they use for their projects is stratified, it combines poetic vision with a strong iconographic identity.⁣
⁣Studiopepe deals with international commissioned projects as retail, hotels and private commissions with a team of 15 professionals among architects, interior designers and product designers. ⁣
⁣Studiopepe’s vision is based upon experimenting, continuous research on colors and materials and the contamination with the contemporary language of art. ⁣Installations, study of formal archetypes, experiments with materials and the dialogue between opposites are some of the themes developed by the Studio.⁣