Nicola Coropulis | Live Chat Series | Episode 3

The 3rd Instagram Live Chat Series – part of our initiative New Forms Of Presence – presented by MDFF Greece—Athens’s (Nov 6–8) guest Daniel Gava, Brand Strategy Advisor to the architecture and design industry. The live chats aim to explore the “seasons within the creative community,” by zooming into each guest, as well as zoom out looking at the knowledge, observations, inspirations and challenges within the realm that each one represents.⁣
This episode is titled”Restart” and it deals with the notion of restart after a phase of interruption and disruption. How does one restart? What happens  when the green light has been given? What are the realizations accompanying a restarting phase for Design and Architecture? How can one reconnect and re-approach a project ideated before the pandemic, in order to continue, evolve and relaunch it post the pandemic? ⁣The considerations, approaches, attitude and challenges when embarking upon this new normality. ⁣


A conversation with Nicola Coropulis

Nicola Coropulis discusses the learning process of making various decisions within a short time; returning to the new normality, the new measures of the restarting phase, and the handling of the daily requirements for one of the biggest global design companies. Moreover, the sales “behaviorism” during the pandemic, his Greek origins, amongst others.⁣

Nicola Coropulis 

Born in 1966 and raised in Bari (Italy), Nicola Coropulis studied Political Sciences at the University of Bari. After graduate school, he went to work for Natuzzi Group. During his 15 years with Natuzzi, Coropulis has served as Regional Sales Manager EMEA, and in a variety of roles including sales, marketing, and retail.⁣ In 2008 he joined the Poltrona Frau Group as Commercial Director for Poltrona Frau. Between 2012 and 2013, he had also a significant experience as Sales Manager for the Italian Market for the Group’s three brands (Cassina, Cappellini and Poltrona Frau). With the subsequent reorganization of the Group’s companies, Coropulis was appointed as Global Sales and Marketing Director of Poltrona Frau in charge of its worldwide distribution development. In January 2016, he became Brand Director and General Manager for the Residential Division of Poltrona Frau reporting to the CEO of Lifestyle Design within the Haworth Group.⁣
⁣In 2019, Nicola was appointed as a role of CEO, looking after the Residential & Contract business units of the company and Ceccotti Collezioni, a fine wood furniture company part of Poltrona Frau since 2018. Since his new role, Coropulis has led the company into a new commercial expansion, mainly in Asia and Americas, while expanding the offering so as to feature Poltrona Frau as a global provider of exclusive living solutions.⁣