Def(s)ining dreams | Simone Ciarmoli & Miguel Queda | DeLightFuL

The short film DeLightFuL, directed by the Roman director Matteo Garrone, is set in the woods of Chia, in the province of Viterbo. A scenario suspended in time where contemporary and affectless furniture in need of a human presence in order to express itself, is the protagonist. The natural element of “Air” defines a world that spans between dream and reality.

“…Your project DeLightFuL — an acronym of Design, Lighting, Future Living, formed as an integral part of the contemporary design exhibition DeLightFuL for the 56th edition of the Salone del Mobile. Milano. In DeLightFuL, once again directed by Matteo Garrone, you rethink the concept of living as a home without structural frontiers, immersed in nature, revealing the contemporary domesticity as a representation of man’s primeval, authentic, and essential needs. What home means to you?

In a setting that contrives to be both natural and dreamlike, magical, and surreal, DelightFuL takes a look at the world of design and in contemporary life, with objects and people moving against a backdrop of fantastical atmospheres. For us, Referencing man’s primal needs, home implicates a personal space that pleasantly fulfills each one’s needs…”_Excerpt from interview with Simone Ciarmoli & Miguel Queda for MDFF Greece Read the interview here


In an environment that is both natural and dreamlike, magical and surreal, the film takes a look at the world of design and on contemporary life, with furnishing pieces and people moving against a background of fantastical atmospheres. The dynamic representation of the film and the more static one of the exhibition share the same vision: in both the boundary between real and imaginary landscapes, the permeability and dialogue between the different spaces, is markedly blurred, against a backdrop in which everyone can form their own, personal and unconventional view of the objects. Matteo Garrone’s short film d’auteur, was an integral part of the exhibition DeLightFuL (Design, Light, Future, Living) by Ciarmoli – Queda in occasion of the 56th edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano on the contemporary design. Starting with the assumption that the contemporary domestic space is an expression of primeval, genuine and essential needs.

Director: Matteo Garrone
Year: 2017
Duration: 9’30”
Country: Italy
Language: No dialogues