Green Project at MDFF Greece—Athens 2020 | First Edition

The Non Profit Civil Company Green Project was established in 2008 by a voluntary initiative of active citizens, scientists and artists, inspired by UNESCO’s “World Solar Programme 1996—2005”. The Green Project has a unique and extensive experience in the implementation of the “green photo journeys” under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO. It seeks to raise social awareness through environmental photography and film that could stand out through its authenticity, being a photo-art vehicle of Greek cultural and energy diplomacy. The Green Project has already conducted 6 road and sea trips, to explore and record important aspects of the human journey: a) in Asia (2008) from Athens to Beijing, from the silk roads to the energy routes, b) in Africa (2010) from Athens to Cape Town, through the waterways of energy, c) in Europe (2012) from Athens to North Cape, along the north — south energy interconnections, d) in South America (2014) from Bogota to the Land of Fire, from geodiversity to biodiversity, e) in Australia (2018) from Melbourne to Perth, Renewables, UNESCO Biospheres and Aborigines, and f) the Ionian Sea (2017 & 2019) a green photo cruise to unexplored marine ecosystems. In recognition of the above, the Green Project has been presented as “Best Practice” by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO in the Annual Report of National Commissions of 2014. Additionally, the Green Project has been awarded the “First Award 2014” of the “International Photo Competition” of the “Energy Community”, Vienna, Austria, the “First International Participation Award” of the “Festival de l’ Image Environnementale 2010” in Paris, France and the “Third Award for the Clean Development Mechanism” at the “United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change 2010” in Cancun, Mexico. Its documentary film “SUDAMERICA: The colors of life — A Green Project journey” has been widely acclaimed at the “4th Athens Documentary Film Festival 2018”, which has been co-organised by the “Greek Documentary Association” and the “Thessaloniki Documentary Festival”.

Within the context of the MDFF Athens, Green Project will present the worldwide premiere of a documentary exploring Renewables, UNESCO Biospheres, and Aborigines. Following the screening, in the company of special guests, will follow a discussion on “Environment and Art”: How to mobilize artists in order to promote environmental awareness. The Government and the NGOs’ initiatives towards it.